Jack Nathan Ltd

Phone : 01494 765321

E-mail : info@jacknathanhardware.co.uk

Web site : www.jacknathanhardware.co.uk

Facebook : www.facebook.com/jacknathanhardware

Main address : 17 White Lion Road, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 9HZ

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Jack Nathan Limited, based in Amersham under the trade name Jack Nathan Hardware, was established in 2014 with 3 partners, who have deep roots in the building and construction industry.

This company was set up primarily to retail steel tubes and general hardware.

Steel tubes are of various applications namely for:-
i. Vehicles, agricultural implements, civil engineering, steel towers, furniture, mining industries, etc.
ii. Carrying, gas, water, steam, oil, air, etc.
iii. Electrical wiring, electrical communication equipment, machinery, furniture construction, electrical appliances etc.

Hardware products are in excess of 20,000 high quality high quality branded products, spanning more than 100 leading brands.

With strong service ethos, we seek to offer these major brands at keen prices and with regular offers and promotions.

The partners’ collective experiences in the construction industry and of undertaking large, complex projects, of fostering innovation and embracing emerging technologies, are put at the customer’s disposal.

Being a new business, we are determined to make a positive impact in the local community and eventually the nation.

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